Tracks On Repeat

I certainly go through phases of mainly listening to a specific era when it comes to music, often flitting between 60s/70s/80s/90s. This month I'm listening to genres that surged in the mid 70s to early 80s, arguably originating from artists like The Velvet Underground and David Bowie a few years earlier. We're talking new wave, electronic, alternative, new romantic and post-punk. Think synth, think shoulder pads. This playlist is a summary of the music I've had on repeat this month - 80s with a sprinkling of 70s thrown in for good measure.

1. I'm in Love With A German Film Star - The Passions

2. Burning Down The House - Talking Heads

3. Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees

4. The Lovecats - The Cure

5. Gut Feeling - DEVO

6. King's Lead Hat - Brian Eno

7. V-2 Schneider - David Bowie

8. I Feel Love - Donna Summer

9. I Ran - A Flock of Seagulls

10. Making Plans For Nigel - XTC

11. Age of Consent - New Order

Jumper: Topshop

Jeans: & Other Stories (gifted)