My Transitional Spring Wardrobe

I'm sure I'm not the only person who can say that the week of warm weather we had recently caused me to go into a complete wardrobe meltdown. The wind and the cold have now returned in classic British style, as have the chunky knits. However, once a glimpse of sun pokes out from behind the grey and dingy clouds I'm back into spring mode and striding out of the house with just a light jacket and bare legs... only to retreat moments later to don the 'big coat' again. That's why I've decided to stick to my 3 trusty transitional pieces that work well in this ever changing season.

This isn't anything revolutionary - these are all such basic items that you probably already have in your wardobe and that's the beauty of it! You don't need to rush out to waste your money on the latest hot trend because these are all classics that will be around forever. It's about learning to combine what you already own in different ways - mix and match, wear things as you've not worn them before and you get multiple different outfits out of one item. Not to mention, you'll get that *new clothes feeling* which we all know and love, without succumbing to fast fashion's wasteful culture.

I'll show you the pieces that I own and direct link each item under the images. None of these are affiliate links!

Let's get started.

1. The Trench Coat

Now, I'm well aware that I bang on about a good old trench coat. You can wear it every season (and my God, you know I will) and it literally goes with anything. But hear me out on this one. There's a reason a trench coat will never go out of style - it's been around for hundreds of years because it's durable, adaptable and (since more recent times) looks amazing. Get yourself some 1940s Hollywood femme fatale vibes: tie the belt in a knot, put your red lipstick on and smoke your cigarettes with a holder. Or, go full detective with a trilby and oversized magnifying glass...

But in all seriousness, a trench never fails to look classy - you can style it with ankle boots for some sass, or trainers to rework it and give it a more modern edge. It will work with any outfit and keep you warm enough when the weather misbehaves, yet not overheat you when the sun comes out. It's the perfect outer-layer for spring.

(Trench Coat: H&M)

2. A Basic Tee

Hardly a revalation, but a basic tee provides you with the layers you need in such unpredictable weather. If you have one in each staple colour in your wardrobe then you'll never have the dilemma of having "nothing to wear" - I have ones in white, black and beige (what a shocker). Layer it under a chunky cardigan, add some jewellery and you've immediately upped the game. It's the most versatile thing you could own. Dress it up or down; mix and match it with midi skirts, mini skirts, mom jeans; under blazers or knitwear; tie it in a knot, tuck it in, wear it out... the list is endless. Which brings me nicely to my 3rd and final essential item...

(T-Shirt: H&M)

3. A Cardigan

At the risk of sounding like my grandma, I love a good cardigan. They're just perfect for days like these when the temperature keeps changing and you're removing and adding layers all the time. You might not think there's much you can really do with a cardigan, but a really cute twist that I love is to button it up and wear it more like a jumper rather than over another layer. One of these babies will see you nicely into the wamer weather too (if it ever returns), acting as a great outer-layer when you don't want to take a jacket.

(Cardigan: ASOS)

Like I said, there's nothing particularly exciting about any of these items and you might wonder why I've felt the need to make an entire blog post dedicated to a bloody plain t-shirt. However, the point of all this is to remind you that you probably already own everything you need this season - you don't need to go out and buy more for it to just be forgotten about in your wardrobe, or for you to find that you actually already own something similar from last year. I know I certainly need reminding at times.

Reducing fashion waste is something I'm trying my best to get to grips with this year, but as someone who's entire Instagram revolves around clothes, it's not going to be easy. In the UK alone, we throw away around 235 million items of clothing a year. All that ends up in landfill and pollutes our planet, so why are more of us not learning to love and work with what we already have?

I'm not saying that we should all never buy clothes again and walk around in the same pair of jeans every day, but knowing when you actually need or an item versus just wanting it because it's being waved in your face by the nice window display are two very different things. We can all be doing more to discipline ourselves when it comes to what we buy, just like how we're becoming more conscious about food waste, packaging and non-biodegradable things like takeaway coffee cups.

I hope that this post may have ignited a spark somewhere to keep an eye on your buying habbits. Let me know the ways you style these items and other staple items you rework throughout the seasons!

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Emily x