Effortless Basics: The Fisher Jumper

A colour I can't get enough of at the moment is cream. That's no surprise to anyone when you look at my Instagram feed, but perhaps a brave move for someone who is as clumsy with their coffee as I am. Nonetheless, I'm taking the risk and wearing the colour on repeat in this beautiful spring weather.

Something I love as much as I love neutral tones is the simple, classic style of a lot of menswear. You can't get much better in my book than a boxy men's blazer over a simple white t-shirt. That's why I was thrilled when I was contacted by Tradlands: a company who takes the trends of men's tailoring and applies it to women's fashion. They go back to basics, disgarding the pressures of fast fashion brands and their convoluted styles, and give women the durable, well-thought out pieces we actually want. I don't want a jumper with pearls embellished on the shoulders that will unravel in the first wash. What I want is this.

The Fisher Jumper by Tradlands is like a breath of fresh air to my wardrobe. I find myself reaching for it no matter what I'm wearing on the bottom half - whether it's a satin midi skirt or a pair of mom jeans, the fit and colour just goes with everything.

The cotton is so soft and not at all itchy like this style of jumper can so often be. You can feel the quality when you put it on which makes such a difference to something you'd pick up on the high street. Tradlands say that their clothes are made to "last years" and to "move with you", and this jumper does just that. Not to mention it's far, far more ethical too. They only employ adults who "are paid a living wage... and choose to come to work". By buying a jumper like this and rejecting fast fashion, you don't only look great, but you're helping to save the planet a little bit too.

Fast fashion is something I aim to cut back on in my own life throughout 2019 - I'm as guilty as anyone for rushing into town to find a new outfit for a night out, when in reality nobody cares if you've worn that dress before. Whilst investing in one jumper won't make you a matyr, it's the first step on the right track to cutting down on fashion waste, which is something we can all strive for.

Jumper *gifted by Tradlands

Necklace *gifted by Ania Haie

Bag from M&S (now sold out)

Jeans from Topshop