An Ode To My Favourite Dress

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I had planned to shoot today but I’ve been rained off, so I’m stuck inside trying my best to still be creative.

I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions of things to write after my plea on my Instagram stories. Your suggestions were really helpful and I’m going to try and get round to covering all the topics suggested at some point. The first being one of the most suggested, my new Zara dress and how I style it.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this dress everywhere at the minute. It’s on my stories and all over my feed because I cannot get enough of it. It really was love at first sight with this dress - my boyfriend and I were walking around uphill Lincoln when I saw a woman walking towards us wearing it and my jaw hit the floor. If I hadn’t been mid-conversation I would have stopped her to ask where it was from, but she passed me by.

I was day-dreaming about the dress for nearly 2 weeks, but as I’m on a money-saving mission at the moment, I had told myself that I wasn’t buying anything new this month. Every time I went to track it down online I had to stop myself, and it wasn’t until I came across an article on my annual scroll down Facebook that I accidentally found it.

The article was about the dress under £40 that ‘bloggers are going going crazy for’, and I clicked on it expecting some nonsense from PLT that looked like a Kardashian rip-off. Nope. It was this absolute dream.

On the website it seemed more midi than maxi, but that’s because the model is 5”9. I’m 5”5, so you can see the difference. I’m definitely happy with the length, the only struggle is having to lift it when I walk up steps, but it’s a small hindrance in the grand scheme of things. 

This is one of those dresses that looks perfect styled up or down. With strappy heels and an evening bag it could be wedding guest material, but with trainers and a tote bag you’ve got an effortless day look. In the warmer weather I’ve been pairing it with sandals (either my Monki ones or my Birkenstocks) and by cross body bag or basket bag. Chuck a blazer over the top if you need more layers, it looks great.

I’ve been getting so many compliments whenever I wear this dress, I even bumped into another woman yesterday in town who was also wearing it and we gave each other approving nods.

I've linked the dress, plus my sandals and bag (pictured) below.

Dress: Zara

Sandals: Monki

Bag: Friday by JW PEI

Have a brilliant week!

Emily x