about me

I'm Emily, a 23 year old actor from West Yorkshire. However, I'm currently living and working in Lincoln after becoming inseparable with the city where I studied my degree in Drama.

The name BXWIE is said like "Bowie" - It came from trying to make my Instagram name 'Bowie' but having to put an 'x' in instead because the name was taken. David Bowie is my idol. So now you know...

I'm obsessed with clothes and my blog certainly shows it. I blog about what I wear, what I want to wear and what inspires me. I'm a big fan of neutral tones, minimal styles and clean lines. I also talk about my travels: cities/countries I've visited and my top picks to get the most out of each place. Not to mention the best places to grab amazing vegan food.

I'm only really just getting started with my little blog, but I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get in touch with me regarding collaborations, questions, or even for a chat! You can find how to contact me at the bottom of the page.